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Warwick Eade

Warwick Eade
As the Founder & CEO of Lancom Technology for 28 years, Auckland native, Warwick Eade has a built up a range of skills within the IT industry in Engineering (building components to cloud deployments), Software Development (machine code to cloud apps) and Consultancy (IT forensics to cloud strategy). But his finest achievement is the hiring of the very clever people at Lancom. Warwick is an introvert. He loves meeting people… one at a time. He is a football tragic who has been to every World Cup this century. Like all good kiwis he bleeds when the AB's lose, loves to travel and hates seeing himself talked up in the third person. His current focus is creating intellectual property here and selling it to the world.

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Written By Warwick Eade Feb 7, 2017 9:00:00 AM

innovation Digital Transformation

Ceremony May Be Killing Your Business

(Massive hat tip to Clay Shirky here)

Software is eating the world. The world’s largest taxi company owns no cars. The largest provider of overnight accommodation owns no hotels. In 2017, two companies took a whopping $120 billion in advertising spend, despite not owning a printing press or TV network between them.

All these companies were founded as modest startups in the last 20 years. Many of the business’s they’re displacing have been around for over a century. 10-year-old Uber has the same $60 billion valuation as 100-year-old General Motors.

How did this happen? It seems counter intuitive that a company like Uber, which only owns software, is worth as much as GM, which owns hundreds of huge factories and plants.

How do small software startups founded with less than five employees ‘steal’ the markets from billion dollar incumbents? Like all counter intuitive truths, the answer lies in what we think we know… and what’s actually going on.

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Written By Warwick Eade Oct 21, 2015 4:51:00 PM

cloud computing

What is Cloud?

You will by now have heard the term 'Cloud Computing'a lot.  You probably have found that the term 'cloud computing' used for completely different and apparently contradictory circumstances. Google, Uber and Amazon are all 'cloud' but very different services. Didn't Amazon once sell books?  AWS, Evernote, Uber, AirBnB, Office 365, Google - all cloud, all quite distinct.
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