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In this week's episode we sit down with Imran (again!) to discuss what he learnt from attending a very exciting conference, Microsoft Ignite!

Imran came back with some exciting insights to share with us, so we thought we..

In this week's episode I sit down with Anastasia, from our Marketing Team. In this video we discuss Microsoft Teams, and how it has revolutionalised the way we collaborate, here at Lancom. We discuss:

  1. What sets Teams apart..



We all know the feeling, when it comes to IT support quick often isn't quick enough! In this episode of Lancom TV we sit down with one of our..



It is confusing enough to understand cloud computing and the impact it could have on your business, let alone gauge the differences between..


In this episode of Lancom TV, I sit down with our General Manager, Waruna Kirimetiyawa to discuss a hot topic for 2017: tips for creating..


In this week's episode of Lancom TV we sit down with the Founder and CEO of DeskDirector, as well as our own Managing Director and Founder,..


Dropbox and OneDrive are both widely used document sharing platforms designed to help poeple, and businesses, simply, easily and securely share..