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In this week's episode we sit down with a special guest, Royden Burt, DickerData's National Microsoft Azure Specialist. So naturally, our topic of choice is Microsoft Azure! 

In this episode we pick Royden's brain on the..

In this episode we sit down with our Head of Marketing and Sales, Priscila, to discuss what customer experience looks like here at Lancom.


We discuss why customer experience is so important to us, how we build customer..

In this episode of Lancom TV we sit down with Will Jurie, a Partner Technology Strategist at Microsoft, to discuss Digital Transformation. We discuss what it means to digitally transform through the lens of Microsoft,..

In this episode of Lancom TV we sit down with a special guest, Scott La Franchie from Aura Information Security. Click the play button below to hear an expert's opinion on the current state of cyber security, how it affects..

In this episode of Lancom TV, we sit down with one of our System Engineers, Daniel Tok (again!) to discus one of the latest, most disruptive technologies ever discovered - blockchain. Learn from the expert how blockchain is..