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Partnering with Lancom Workbench saves over 400 hours a year on Amazon Web Services


The Problem

In order to scale their software business, Workbench recognised the need for expert advice on their existing AWS platform. 
Having traditionally setup single client-dedicated servers on AWS, Workbench's team was essentially having to configure a new server instance for every new client onboarded. This resulted in multiple AWS instances that weren't optimised, costing the business time and money to maintain.


The Solution

Lancom's AWS certified architects proposed an entire re-write of their AWS Platform. A new load balanced and resilient environment was created, enabling auto-scale based on services consumed.
In this new environment, instances would ballance, creating an unified platform for growth.


Business Outcomes

Having an optimised AWS environment has allowed the SaaS business to significantly reduce the time spent onboarding clients, as well as maintaining servers. The savings can be quantified to:

♦ New client setup: Down from 4 hours to 30 minutes
♦ Server upgrades: Down from 1 hour to 5 minutes


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