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From project running to accounts, to RH related information, most businesses start with an Excel spreadsheet. Despite it's usefulness, the downsides of Microsoft Excel become quite clear as your business grows.

Think about version control issues, add in use errors, back and forth emails with attachments... the list can keep growing OR you can do something about it NOW!

Convert your spreadsheets into a web app and give your people what they need to drive results. 

Keen to see how converting Excel spreadsheets into an app might work for your business? So are we!

To get you going, we are giving away the planning at no cost. Getting started is as easy as filling the form on this page, the rest is on us. 


I'm ready to automate Excel.

Get back the efficiency of Excel, by turning your spreadsheets into a web app.

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How it works: 


1. Plan

Our team of technologists will meet with you to:

♦ Understand more about your spreadsheet logic

♦ Identify the best approach for you

♦ Map out what success looks like

Register for a FREE 1-1 planning workshop now! 


2. Prove

Once we understand your requirements, we will work with you to:

♦ Determine the value of automating your Excel spreadsheet

♦ Make the business case 

♦ Confirm you can achieve the expected outcome


3. Automate

Start by doing a simple proof of concept by automating your first spreadsheet

♦ Review your operational processes, reap the rewards, repeat.



The benefits to you:

Get Started Quickly

The planning is on us.

Do More With Your Data

Access information live, make quicker decisions.

Gain Efficiency

Save money, focus on growing your business.

Turn your spreadsheets into an app.

Let us build the solution to your growing business problems. 

Start Now!