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Our solution to support efficiency, the Lancom Button



One of the key frustrations of managing Information Technology is keeping up to date on service issues. Service tickets can take many different paths - some over in minutes and other that last for two weeks and involve review and further planning.

At Lancom, we think you should be able to keep on top of service tickets without drowning in details. We think you should be able to do this without having to remember account names, passwords and portal web addresses -  that's our job! So we have designed our very own Customer Portal App.

With the Lancom Button, logging your IT support requests is easier than ever! With only a couple of clicks from your desktop or mobile device, you will be able to:

1. Log a support ticket

2. See all your open and closed tickets for you and your company

3. Chat to our engineers live for faster and effective support



 Our clients say

For Mondiale the Lancom button gives us an easy to use, customisable tool, that allows end users to log Support Tickets, Help and Change requests, in a centralised portal.

The button also allows visibility of all tickets by Management and the IT team, and also enables collaboration in resolving issues. Any of our in house SME’s can add comment or direction as required, as can any of the Lancom engineers or solutions advisors.

Equally, the ability to search for similar issues in previous tickets assist in problem resolution for both our in house dev & support team, as well as the Lancom team.

The Ticket types and subsequent ticket flows are customisable, consequently, we also use the Button for our tickets that route to our in-house dev team, allowing end users a one stop shop for all IT related issues, queries or requests.

As well as problem solving, the trends revealed by LANcom analysis of the ticket data, assist us to determine root cause and rising trends.

This enables proactive steps to reduce specific incident types, assess training requirements, or highlight equipment that is regularly malfunctioning, and to be proactive to minimise further ongoing issues.

In IT we all recognise that nobody enjoys logging support tickets, however the Lancom Button, makes the process fast and painless for our widely distributed team, over 9 sites in 6 cities.


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