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Looking for the Right IT Partner?


We would love to be the right fit for your company, but before you assume we are here's some things to be aware.

If you:

Are heading to the cloud we're already there. We have been running workloads in the Amazon cloud since 2008. We have been writing software for the cloud as long. Naturally we are an Amazon AWS Cloud Partner and Microsoft Azure Partner. 
Want to write your own app for your business. As well as being clever you are in the right place. Software written by Lancom is making NZ businesses profitable and healthy.

Are looking to build a tech partnership. We have customers that started with us 25 years ago. We work best moving fast but with a long-term perspective.

Hate waiting for IT we like to move quickly too. You may have taken months to decide but it shouldn't take months to deliver. By taking advantage of our cloud skills, we get server projects going in days rather than weeks and months.

Are growing fast. We love that and are the no-bureaucracy oasis you need.

Are a little cagey about some IT companies we are too. We have no staff who is incentivised on sales. The only quota our staff have is for happy customers. We are looking for partnerships where give and take on small things makes everybody richer.

And finally, if none of this quite matches up to a great fit, feel free to get in touch anyway and tell us what a good fit would look like. 
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