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Getting to know: Dmitry Orlov

written by Priscila BernardesAug 7, 2018 7:56:28 AM

Starting as a Graduate Engineer, Dmitry joined Lancom's helpdesk team 24 months ago. Since then, we have seen him achieving fantastic customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores from our customers, take part on our Lancom TV program, and overall providing excellent problem solving, while delivering a fantastic customer experience.

In an informal discussion, Dmitry has shared his highlights from the past two years.

" It's really hard to pick apart one or even several specific things that are the explicitly the highlights of my two years in Lancom. Every day is an entirely new adventure and you never know what's going to happen. That makes you not only learn new things and tricks every day, but also forces you to think on your feet, to improve and develop your skills, both in terms of the technical side of things and communication with the client.

Each new request that we get in the engineering is like a puzzle - you face it and you have to find a solution to it. Once you do the problem that you have on your hands is resolved and depending on whether or not you have communicated it properly your client will be happy.

This whole process of facing these puzzle, learning how to solve them and solving them is what makes my time in Lancom special for me.

That's my highlight - the experience of working with cool and different systems and talking to the people who use them and making sure they are happy."


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