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Imran Sadiq

Imran Sadiq
Engineering has been Imran's passion since school days. His first choice was aeronautical, lucky for us he ended up in Software Engineering. After graduating with a Bachelor of Software Engineering (first-class honours) from the University of Auckland, Imran started his career as a systems engineer at Lancom. Because of this ability to quickly understand how things work and apply new learnings, he rose through the ranks to be the Technical Director at Lancom Technology. Think of anything technical and this guy would be into it! He has a very strong knowledge of firewalls, networking and Microsoft technologies (and the list just keeps going!). His current focus is on cloud technologies and how to efficiently transition from on premise to cloud, which he does superbly. Imran is one of the few professionals holding an AWS Solutions Architect Certification in the country.
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Written By Imran Sadiq Oct 29, 2018 1:39:10 PM

cloud computing Amazon Web Services

The 6 AWS Security Best Practices you should implement now

It wasn’t all that long ago that the question of ‘security’ was considered a major impediment to the adoption of cloud computing services. Happily, the ‘theoretical’ security problems which arise from having your data on someone else’s computer, haven’t been borne out in any practical sense. That’s why cloud computing, including platform-as-a-service from Amazon Web Services and many other providers, has become the defacto way of resourcing companies from the smallest to the biggest.

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Written By Imran Sadiq Aug 2, 2018 5:08:58 PM

cloud computing Digital Transformation Amazon Web Services

Why your AWS infrastructure must be Well Architected

Don’t be fooled by the deceptive ease with which you can get started on the Amazon Web Services cloud. While it is certainly true that you can get stuck in with nothing more than a credit card and a vague idea of what you’re after, it pays to start with sound foundations so that as your needs grow and evolve (as they inevitably do – just about everyone who tries AWS very quickly becomes a big fan of it’s low-cost, high-value services), you don’t end up with a horrendous tangle.

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Written By Imran Sadiq Mar 27, 2018 11:58:23 AM

cloud computing Amazon Web Services

Migrate to cloud the AWS way

When it comes to the cloud, the biggest name is Amazon Web Services (AWS) which commands more market share than the next four competitors combined. Not bad for a bookseller! So, when you’re looking at migrating infrastructure to the cloud, and there are many good reasons to do just that, AWS is probably one of the best available options.

Those who are considering migration need to know just exactly what is involved. There are challenges and issues which must be noted and handled to ensure a smooth transition to either a complete ‘in the cloud’ setup, or the more common hybrid arrangement, where some infrastructure remains on-premise and some is moved to AWS.

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Written By Imran Sadiq Jan 24, 2017 9:23:17 AM

IT security

5 IT Security breaches to look out for in 2017

 IT security is all about how to best secure your information. With a number of attacks happening over the course of 2016, we learnt that everything can be at risk - from customer related data sitting in your network to the photos saved on your phone.

Unauthorized access to information (hacking) has been on the rise in the last few years. In this post, we picked our technical director's brain and collected a number of factors and predictions for the year ahead.

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Written By Imran Sadiq Dec 1, 2015 9:30:00 AM

Office 365 cloud computing

Why you shouldn't bother archiving emails


Archiving company emails is one of those ‘bugbear’ tasks which can seem like a lot more hassle than it’s worth. After all, emails gather pretty quickly and can rapidly accumulate, requiring significant amounts of storage capacity.

But failing to archive email can have some consequences - and those drawbacks go beyond the risks associated with regulatory compliance (although that is in its own right a very good reason to look after old email!).

Oh well… forget all of this! This week we thought we should twist things and instead focus on why you SHOULDN’T need to archive your emails.

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Written By Imran Sadiq Nov 3, 2015 9:23:00 AM

innovation cloud computing

Game Changing uses for Cloud that Were Never Possible Before

Cloud has opened up a new world of possibilities for ordinary users who would otherwise never have dreamed of enjoying such ready access to a multitude of services.

With the evolution of the public cloud, anyone with minimal resources can experiment with ideas and services that can fundamentally change the way any number of daily tasks are performed.

Here’s our pick of game changing advantages delivered by the cloud:

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