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Andre Tupara Morrison

Andre Tupara Morrison
Andre Tupara Morrison is a Lancom Technology software developer. Andre is from Rotorua and is of Ngāti Whakaue descent. He is certified in AWS (Amazon Web Services) at the Professional level and has experience in implementing cloud services for a wide range of purposes. Andre enjoys leveraging new technologies to find the best possible solution.
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Written By Andre Tupara Morrison Apr 21, 2020 4:43:27 PM

cloud computing Amazon Web Services Amazon Aurora

Migrating a Legacy Application to AWS Aurora

When modernising legacy systems, a key issue is figuring out how to migrate your existing data into a database that has been remade from the ground up. Rewriting outdated applications from scratch usually means a brand-new schema that can look unrecognisable next to the old one. Transferring the existing dataset into your new system is a challenge that requires rigorous planning, development, and testing.

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