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6 cloud computing terms you should know

written by Priscila BernardesNov 1, 2016 9:30:00 AM

You will by now have heard the term 'Cloud Computing' a lot.  You probably have found that the term 'cloud computing' is used for completely different and apparently contradictory circumstances. Google, Uber and Amazon are all 'cloud' but very different services. Didn't Amazon once sell books?  AWS, Evernote, Uber, AirBnB, Office 365, Google - all cloud, all quite distinct.

To get you up to speed on this new concept, we have selected the top 6 cloud computing topics you should know:

1- Co-Location

When you own the actual physical servers but rent rack space in a data centre to house your servers. This is a typical first step to the cloud.

2- Virtualisation

Software that manages the physical server and gives the ability to run multiple servers on one physical server. Each virtual server is unaware of the others on the box. Virtualisation is the major driving technology behind cloud computing.

3- Software as a service

(SaaS) Where a software company runs their software in the cloud on their own servers. You are charged for usage of the software rather than selling you a software license to run on your servers. E.g., Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, Hotmail.

4- Infrastructure as a service

(IaaS) Where you rent a virtualised server from the cloud provider. You don’t know and don’t care which particular physical server in the data centre that you are running on. E.g. Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure.

5- Public Cloud

Cloud services that you can sign up to online without interacting with the cloud provider’s staff. Contracts and prices are published and public. E.g. The SaaS & IaaS examples above.

6- Private Cloud

Just a smaller version of public cloud where there is not the scale to accept all-comers. Servers need to be manually provisioned. Contracts and prices are negotiated case by case.


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