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Whether your legacy application is no longer meeting security and compliance requirements or your staff is demanding a mobile-ready solution, deciding the best approach for modernising on premise hosted legacy applications can be daunting.

Do you adopt a lift and shift approach? Is a complete re-write and rebuild the solution to your business problems? 

Modernisation is a journey which comes in many flavours. Navigate your way through this path and understand the most effective approach for your business with Lancom!

In our in-depth interactive half day workshops we work with product managers and business decision makers to create a solution that wraps business outcomes with modern technology best practices. Starting with 
an inventory of your existing application and desired business outcomes, we work with you to define the best modernisation path to follow. 

Bringing our 30+ years business, software development and DevOps experience, our solution experts provide you and your team the unique insights and approaches to modernise with speed, confidence, and minimal risk.

As a final delivery, we take the outputs of the workshop, clean them up and document them in a written report that can be shared across the business and referred back as you work through your app modernisation project.

Modernisation is a journey

Start yours with Lancoms Workshop

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Get out of the legacy challenge! Walk your first modernisation mile with Lancom.

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